"The Educating City: teaching and learning processes in cross-media ecosystem" is a project that aims to help the creation of an "educating city", i.e. a model in which education is based on the reciprocity of the involved parties: the educator is also educated and his own knowledge takes shape in the act of educating.
Education is not only a school matter, it helps building our identity and our future. Educating City provides the technological environment where everyone can contribute to viral sharing of culture and greater sense of citizenship.

Educating City identifies three main thematic areas:

  • School/Education: it provides to all school levels a set of knowledge, strategies and technological applications that establish a new educational approach to help young people to become active citizens, welcoming and aware. It is aimed at adults as well, as subjects of life-long learning, aging processes and acceptance of diversity.
  • Society: development of new connections among schools, business and territory
  • Technology: development of new ICT platforms, services and applications supported by specific research activities in cloud computing and collaborative sourcing, social networks, automatic text analysis, video and 3D data, big data analysis tools, natural and interactive interfaces, robotic aids, sensors and pervasive networks, machine learning and search systems.